Handy Tips to Prevent Security Breach Masterminded by Employees

ID-10028975Many businesses are open to insecurity. This comes in different forms of threats each company. Security of a business deals with the ability of a company to safeguard the lives and property.

However, some employees may have a hand in the insecurity of a company. It then becomes important to prevent and checkmate of employees that handle sensitive assets like finance and data.

Businesses should be proactive in decisions about security. Here are a couple of handy tips that help preventing and managing insecurity that may likely be masterminded by employees.

  • Financial transactions within a business should be handed only to skillful and trusted staff. More so, one person alone should not be allowed to handle all financial transactions. At least, asking about two employees to counter check each other on transaction would go a long way in preventing fraud.
  • Financial irregularities can be prevented if there is diversification of financial transactions. More so, doing periodic audit without knowledge of the staff can help in uncovering details that are hidden. Some organizations organize audit when employees are on vacation.
  • One way of limiting “insecurity” in a company is to run a proper background check of an employee before employing. The physical, emotional, and psychological state of the individual should be ascertained before engaging him or her.
  • If you apply the right check to employ people in your organization then you would limit the tendency of getting the “wrong” people. Proper verification of the criminal background, emotional background, and financial background of prospective candidate will go a long way reducing crime.
  • You should create an employee policy or code of conduct. This should clearly point out activities that constitute criminality and indiscipline. The punishment to be meted out in the event of breach of any section of the code should be clearly stated.
  • Employees making use of computers and related communication facilities should be issued with individual passwords. They should be urged to make the password sophisticated. The combination of letters, numbers, and special characters should be encouraged.
  • More so, these can be embedded with capital and small letters. Passwords should only be issued to employees that know the implications of making the password open. However, as a business, you need to invest in password management software. This will help to enhance the security of data of the company.
  • A robust security system should be installed in sensitive areas of the business. The system should comprise of lights, alarms, burglar detectors, glass break detectors, and fire prevention systems. A monitoring service should be embraced to allow for a proper security in the firm.

Conclusively, with these tips, you should be in control and limit any form of security breach that could be masterminded by employees.